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Wong Hua.

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Financial Consultant | Stock Broker | Crypto Trader

I’m available to assist you in enhancing your financial situation. I have knowledge of all phases of the real estate investing and trade processes that include the financial markets.

Never before have our lives been so busy. And trying to fit everything into your calendar can be challenging. Because of this, you are welcome to make a reservation whenever you wish through our website. Book without hassle, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Our Story

Like many great things, we had a humble beginning. With a small group of like-minded individuals and a same goal, we took off. We have developed into a significant entity now.

Our Project

We are constantly engaged in some project. Most of the time, our main priority is to deliver outcomes for our clients. But occasionally we have the chance to try out novel theories and thoughts.

Our Motivation

Our purpose and motivation come from our work. We do what we do and wake up every day for this purpose. Most significantly, it never stops challenging us to overcome new challenges with greater and better results.

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Trusted by investors, worldwide since 2008.


Any financial transaction without a well developed strategy is more akin to a bet than a trade. Before beginning every transaction, I take the time to create tactics for that market.


You can evaluate the correctness and weak areas in your plan by using a demo account or a dummy platform to test it out. This enables proper strategy assessment and re-development.

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Join our growing trading team of 250 traders and start with $25,000 on a profit share.

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    Before engaging in any financial transactions on a market, I conduct extensive study on it. By doing this, I can be confident I have all the information required for a certain deal or trade on that market.